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Global itinerary of the 2009-2019 Expedition

global itinerary of the changing oceans expedition

Over the course of a decade the Changing Oceans Expedition ship, Fleur de Passion, will sail to 100 of the ocean's most important sites, from the shores of the Mediterranean to the farthest reaches of the South Pacific. It will sail through these hotspots of marine biodiversity to assess the current health of the marine environment and do research on threatened species. Hundreds of scientists, journalists and volunteers will join in the discoveries, and bring to life the words, images and sounds of our journey into the blue.

  • 2009: Mediterranean Sea, Adriatic, Croatia
  • 2010: France, Spain, Atlantic, North Sea, Baltic Sea
  • 2011: Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Canaries Islands
  • 2012: West Africa, Brazil, Carribean
  • 2013: Carribean, USA, Canada, Northern Europe
  • 2014: South America, Pacific
  • 2015: Indian Ocean
  • 2016: Indian Ocean
  • 2017: South Atlantic, South Africa, Brazil, Caribbean
  • 2018: North Atlantic, France, Red Sea