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February 14, 2013

The Antinea Foundation continues its commitment towards examining the state of marine ecosystems, to identify the links between cumulative human impacts and ecosystem health.

“The Changing Oceans Expedition” allows us to better understand the causes and consequences of direct degradation of marine ecosystems, identifying areas where protection against human activities may be beneficial [...]

The 2012 Forum of Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranea

The 2012 Forum of Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranea

November 28, 2012

Develop the vision; Set the strategy; Achieve the goals

For the first time in the Mediterranean, the key players from 21 countries involved in the marine environment gathered in Antalya, Turkey. They were there to share their experiences, develop a common vision and set a new strategic roadmap to achieve the goals set forth in the Barcelona Convention. The target: to establish a compr [...]


The Missions. Follow the expedition on video

When Science meets Action: our Mission to Senegal mission effectuée play

When Science meets Action: our Mission to Senegal

Dakar - Senegal - Mai 01 to 17, 2013

As planned the Antinea Foundation has sent a team of The Changing Oceans Expedition to Dakar, Senegal: the purpose of the mission, supported by Cargill and run in collaboration with Oceanium – a local NGO very well known for its commitment to supporting sustainable environmental projects – was to conduct the first regional assessment of Dakar’s marine environment.

With more than 20 dive [...]

Our work with Morocco continues mission effectuée play

Our work with Morocco continues

Rabat - Morocco - September 23 to 27, 2012

Fleur de Passion returns to Morocco where the expedition conducted its first scientific mission in 2010, in and around the national park of Al Hoceima together with the support of local NGO, AGIR and the national marine research institute INRH. The core scientific project of "The Changing Oceans Expedition" focuses on the cumulative impact of a range of human activities on the health of marine ec [...]


Antinea Foundation - Annual Report 2011

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